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Beautiful and Beloved

  Tickle Me Jada       

standard poodle
female and standard poodle award

Meet our beautiful, sweet, gentle Jada. Jada is AKC & CKC registered Standard Poodle. Jada has the sweetest, kindest personality of any dog I have ever met. It is hard to find fault in our girl! She loves children and adults alike. She comes from international champion bloodlines and it shows in her beautiful conformation and personality. She loves to be with her humans and is up for any adventure you have in mind. Jada loves the water and she will be in the middle of a puddle, pond or ocean given the chance. Jada is a super smart girl and can learn anything in just a few repetitions. Jada is currently working on obtaining her CGC and then will begin her therapy dog training. Jada is clear of breed related genetic diseases and scored normal on all her OFAs. 

standard poodle
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