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BANKS (yellow collar) RESERVED

Our reddest guy of the bunch is Banks. I don't think I really need to say anything about his beauty because just look at him! He's so sweet and calm to top it off. I can't wait for this next week when he opens his eyes. We love you little Banks! (update 6/25) Banks is still the reddest of all the puppies. He was not very impressed with the goats milk or puppy mush that he got to try today but that is okay! Banks is growly quickly, has his eyes open and is toddling around this week. Keep growing Banks!! (update 6/30) Banks has a sweet and laid back personality. He comes readily to me and likes sleeping in my lap. He, like his siblings is doing well eating mush and using the potty in the litter box. Banks is going to be a wonderful sidekick for someone! What a pleasure it will be to call him a friend. We love you Banks!!

NAGS (red collar) RESERVED

Nags has a classic golden retriever color. His hair is the straightest out the bunch, but is what we called fully furnished. (Little to No shedding) Nags is a beautiful, sweet boy. He is definitely the most upbeat guy out the bunch. We find him holding his little head high and trying his best to support himself on his front legs. He likes to be held and will settle down quickly if you pick him up. We love you sweet boy. Dream and keep growing! (update 6/24) Nags (red collar) is the lightest colored boy. He has the cutest little face and loves snuggles. He could take or leave the goats milk and puppy mush but I bet by next week at this time he will be diving in. (6/30) Nags is a little shy but is very sweet. He does well with the potty, but still does not love the puppy mush. He has started to warm up to it but is more interested in Mama Jada. I don`t blame him! lol. This week we will give Nags some extra attention to see if we can help him with his shyness. We love you Nags and love watching you grow!!

HAWK (blue collar) RESERVED

Hawk is a smaller guy! He is absolutely gorgeous with his curly hair and dark coat. He always scores a mild on his ENS and is calm to a human hand. He loves to be held and will fall asleep quickly when he's near your heart. (update 6/24) Hawk is such a sweet boy. He had his first drink of goats milk last night and dove into a little puppy mush this morning. His eyes are opening and he has begun walking with purpose! (update 6/30)  He has a happy go lucky personality. He loves people and kisses. He is quick to give kisses and receives his fair share in return! He loves interacting with humans and will stay in your lap until you make him get down. He is training to be a lap dog! LOL

We love you sweet Hawk!!

DARE (orange collar) RESERVED

This is a big boy. Part of my big trio! (Duck, Jockey, and Dare) Like the rest of the bunch he is as sweet as pie. Beautiful would be an understatement. Dare has a silver tone over his red coat that makes his fur extra stunning. We love you little one! (update 6/24) Dare continues to be a big boy! He has a white little patch on his nose and a good amount of white on his underside. The tip of his tail is white and all his feet. He is another smart little guy and uses his potty area most of the time. He did not really care for the puppy mush but loved the goats milk. At this stage we only give them the mush and milk for the experience but by next week they will all love it!

DUCK (green collar) RESERVED

Duck is another big, sweet baby! He is calm and just beautiful! Duck is going to be awesome addition to any family and I can't wait to see what the future holds for this little guy! Sleep well Ducky.        (update 6/24) Duck was sleepy and did not feel much like taking pictures! Duck is a calm boy that likes to be on the top of the puppy pile while sleeping. He was another that loved his goats milk and puppy mush. Duck is doing well with moving to the potty area and has almost got it down. We love you little DUCKY.                      (update 6/30) Duck is the sweetheart. He has learned to eat mush this week, continues potty training, loves to play with his siblings and will come to the side of the whelping box when he sees me coming. Duck is going to be a wonderful friend to someone and I hope whoever he goes to loves him as much as I do! We love you Ducky!!

JOCKEY (black collar) RESERVED

Jockey is one of the biggest boys in the bunch. He 'as of now' is the calmest of them all. He is going to be a stunning dog full grown and a pure joy for anyone to be around. We already love you Jockey Boy! (update 6/24) Jockey is the biggest boy of the bunch. He is very laid back and will gladly sleep in your lap. Of course this big guy loves his goats milk and puppy mush. He is also very smart and has pretty much mastered the litter pan. (update 6/30) Jockey (black collar) is a laid back pup. He goes with the flow no matter what we are up to. He loves to play and food....he LOVES food. He is the biggest of the bunch and has the sweetest face! He loves snuggles and comes readily when he sees me near. He is going to be a great pal to hang out with! We love you Jockey Man!!

JACK (white collar) RESERVED

Jack is going to be a beautiful boy. He is super calm and sweet. We expect Jack to be a brown nose and light colored eyes. The only one in this litter! We will start to really see his personality in a few short weeks. (update 6/24) Jake (white collar) is such a calm little guy. He is the smallest of the bunch. He loves goats milk and drank more than anyone! Jake is the only one in the bunch with a brown nose and light colored eyes. He is going to be a real beauty full grown! (update 6/30) Jake (white collar) is the smallest boy of the bunch. He is a quiet little guy that likes to play but does it softer than the rest. He is gentle and loving. Jake may be small but very smart. He caught onto eating faster than anyone and he likes to engage with the new items we introduce daily. Jake isn`t the fondest of being picked up but we respect each puppy and understand that everyone does not have to like being held. With that being said he was the third puppy to come to me this morning and it is clear he enjoys human contact. Jake we adore you little one!!

Miss Kitty (pink collar) RESERVED

Our very special little beauty! The only girl in the bunch...Miss Kitty.  Miss Kitty is absolutely beautiful! She has a classic golden retriever color with a curly coat. She is sweet but will knock a few boys around to get her milk. (I've seen it happen!) We love you to the moon and back Miss Kitty and can't wait to watch you grow! (update 6/24) Our Miss Kitty is such a doll! She loved her goats milk and mush. She ate more than most of the boys! She is doing well walking and she has started using the litter pan. (update 6/30) Miss Kitty (pink collar) is a spunky girl. She is so much fun to watch as she pounces on the boys in an attempt to have them wrestle her. She is smart and confident with each new item we introduce to her. She loves humans and will jump up and run for the edge of the whelping box when she hears me coming. Miss Kitty loves snuggles and loves to give kisses. Her personality is just the best! We love you Kitty Kat!!


Puppy GO Home

All puppies go home at 8 weeks of age. Puppies go home with.....

  • CKC and GANA registration/paperwork 

  • Trupanion Insurance (30 day start)

  • 2 year health guarantee 

  • 1 week supply of puppy food we have been feeding your pup. 

  • Vet health check with first set of vaccines with record.

  • Microchip

  • A packet of information to help get you started.

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