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How Our Goldendoodle Puppies Are Raised

Puppy Training

Puppy paw and heart

Puppy training is at the core of our program. The first 16 weeks in a puppy's life are critical to the overall development, success and stability of an adult dog. We seek to empower, not enable our puppies. We utilize Puppy Culture and Empowered Breeder as part of our puppy curriculum. We do not just train simple or even complex commands but we empower and listen to our puppies to help them be the best they can be. 

early neurological stimulation (ENS)

From day 3-16 we implement ENS with our puppies. ENS consists of 5 simple, gentle exercises that cause small amounts of stress to the pups. These exercises are administered once a day and last for 3-5 seconds each. Each exercise has been tested and proven to be effective through a program called "Bio Sensor." Bio Sensor  was implemented by the US Military Working Dog Program, this program has found that these small amounts of stress have a positive effect on developing puppy’s endocrine system and cause him/her to develop more ability to deal with stressful events later in life. This can lead to better learning and an improved ability to cope with adversity. Puppies that have been through ENS have been found to have “improved” heart rates, “stronger” heartbeats and adrenal glands, and increased stress tolerance and disease resistance. 

2-4 Weeks

Puppies eyes and ears are open and socialization will begin. At this stage we start introducing new toys and sounds each day. We continue handling exercises such as opening mouth and running fingers on gums, trimming toenails, and rubbing ears just to name a few. These exercises start desensitizing puppies to handling early in life with hopes that they will be more compliant to handling as they grow. In this period of development we also introduce startle recovery. We will do things like bang a bowl, slam a door, run a vacuum ect.  By doing this we are teaching puppies very early how to recover when startled instead of showing fear. 

Puppy Kindergarten / 5-8 Weeks

In weeks 5-8 our puppies will go through puppy kindergarten! 

In these weeks puppies start working on skills that are a bit more advanced. 

All puppies will get to practice skills in real life settings. 

* Daily socialization / daily individual attention

* Daily introduction of new toys and situations

* Potty Training

* Grooming accustomization

* Crate Training

* Loose leash accustomization 

* Come when called / touch command

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